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Why go wireless? The obvious reason would be convenience. This is the reason why mobile phones become popular. Mobile phones connect us to the rest of the world everywhere we go. Wireless technology has given us mobility. Before the mobile phone was invented, wireless technology was already being used in radio phones. Though the coverage may be limited it is still more convenient than to look for a payphone just to communicate.

We also benefited from the early wireless technology in our homes. Back then, wireless landline freed us from cords. The technology enabled us to roam around our homes while using the telephone for as long as we are within the range of the base unit.

Wireless technology though is not limited to voice communication. Gone are the days of being limited by our desktops in our homes or offices just to access the internet. With laptops, we can access the internet anywhere there is a wireless network. 3G/HSPA modems are also available to connect wirelessly. This service is usually being offered by mobile phone companies.

Our homes too can become a wireless hotspots. There are lot of wireless routers available in the market today. Depending on the size of area you want covered by the wireless network, you can choose between G and N wireless router. N wireless router gives an extended coverage and is ideal for larger homes. If you prefer N wireless router, it is very important to check whether the wireless cards of your device is compatible with this wireless protocol. Though these protocols are backwards compatible, it may not give you the coverage you desire if your wireless card is not of the same protocol. Among the popular choices for wireless router are Belkin, D-Link, Linksys, and Netgear.

Home entertainment has also benefited from wireless technology. Movies can be streamed from the internet to your television via wireless media server. In order for this to work, you need wireless network set up in your homes. Popular choices for media server are Acer, Iomega, Linksys, and Western Digital. Movies stored on laptops can also be streamed to PlayStation 3 via PS3 media server or TVersity applications.

Wireless technology can also be used in the speaker set-up of our home entertainment systems. Samsung offers wireless interface for the surround speakers as an option to their home entertainment package. If you don’t want speaker cable clutter, then this option is for you.

But wait, there’s more! Wireless technology is also found in home security. Wireless sensors, being monitored by a central unit, are attached to check unauthorized door and window opening, detects glass breakage and presence of flood and smoke. Aside from alarm systems, wireless cameras are also available to monitor the perimeters of our homes.

So, why go wireless? Freed from wires, this technology still allowed us to be always connected. Now, that is convenient!

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