EOS Wireless Speaker System Review

iPods and iPhones can now be used with a specially developed music system by EOS. It comes complete with remote control, speakers free of wires and a docking station for the iPod or iPhone which forms the primary center for the speakers.

It requires no wires and can also be used as an independent music player. More speakers can be connected to the unit to provide music in different rooms in a house. On the central docking station are controls to mute the system, for sound volume and to select the audio source. Sound controls can be found on the main unit. The range extension can be adjusted and interference from alternate wireless devices tuned out.

The remote control has similar controls as the options on the iPod. Shuffle, play, pause are some of the buttons available on the remote. While the sound quality cannot match up to the perfection of Bose, EOS nonetheless has done quite a good job with its product. The sound is rich and clear with flawless bass. Setting up the system is uncomplicated and easy to follow from the instructions. The ability to add speakers is a great advantage. Wireless speakers can connect to the central unit without having to set frequencies manually.

One unique and very interesting feature is that every speaker has its own volume control so different speakers in different rooms can be adjusted to play at different volumes. Gigawave technology enables the system to filter our disturbance from other wireless devices. This is why the EOS system does not have problems with other wireless devices in the vicinity unlike other systems. While the expected performance range is reported to be one hundred and fifty feet, the system does not actually provide that range. This difficulty is solved using the range extension control on the main docking unit. However, the range extension control is more beneficial to sound output than range.

In summary, the EOS system is a fine system for homes requiring speakers in different rooms but will probably not totally replace the traditional stereo system. It is a good alternative to keep up with wireless technology. It can be purchased from internet websites at less than the market cost of a couple of hundred dollars.

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