Samsung HT-F9730W Review

If you have been trawling the web for an honest Samsung HT-F9730W review then trawl no more! Read the rest of this article to finally get the Samsung HT-F9730W review that you deserve. One of the most stand-out features of this "Smart" Home Theater system from Samsung is the Vacuum Tubes. The big advantage of this is that you get a sound that digital components alone are not able to produce. Another thing I would like to point out about these "Vacuum Tubes" is that they are actually visible and you can see them glowing when they get warm, which is definitely a nice design touch. Another aspect of this Samsung Home Theater system is "convenience". To be more precise, the rear speaker module is actually wireless.

You just need to put the rear speaker module somewhere near the back of the room that it can access an AC power supply and then simply connect the rear speakers to this module. By doing this you can enjoy the full 3D surround sound effect without having to run wires all the way from the main unit. A really cool feature of this Samsung Home Theater System is something called "3D Sound Plus with Vertical Surround". What this actually does is synchronize the sound with the motion as well as the depth of the image and it does this by analizing the depth of the 3D image. With the built in Wi-Fi, you are good to go if you want to connect to the Wireless Router that you already have, by doing so you are ready to browse the web with the included full Web Browser, as well as Samsung Apps and also all the other features of Smart TV.

Now for the part of the Samsung HT-F9730W review where we talk about some of the other great features that it has. If you like powerful and clear bass then you are in luck with this Samsung Home Threatre system. It actually has a "Dual Unit Subwoofer" that incorporates a "Passive Radiator" that adds to the low sound frequencies whilst at the same time also making these low frequency sounds clearer. Another way in which this "Dual Unit Subwoofer" makes the low frequency sounds better is that it reduces noise from the ports themselves. Also, if you have a 4K UHD TV, then this system is actually capable of upscaling existing full HD content to UHD.

When you get this Samsung Home Theater system, you also get a neat little "Auto Sound Calibration" feature. What this does is actually adjust the audio settings automatically depending on how far away from the listening area the speakers actually are in your room. Yet another great feature of this Samsung HT-F9730W Home Theater system is something called "Crystal Amplifier Plus". What this does is actually filter the sound sources twice in order to cut down on distortion as well as produce audio that is heard the way it is meant to be heard. This Home Theater system from Samsung is packed full of amazing features that you really wouldn't expect to see at the price. It is from a world famous name that you know you can trust so it is hard to see what there is not to like about it.

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