DVD Home Theater Systems

A home theater system is ideal for those who hate to go to a theater but want to enjoy watching movies at home. A mix of audio and visual parts, the set-up may include a DVD player fed through a stereo system, a big television set or, if you have the inclination and money, an entire room wired with multiple speakers and a projection screen. Some systems may even have theater-style chairs and an elevated floor for optimal viewing.

In order to create a realistic audio environment, professional movie theaters use two or three large amplifier units located to the left, right and center of a movie screen. In addition, several satellite speakers are also embedded throughout the auditorium, including the back. Such an elaborate arrangement enables the audience to hear dialogue in the front left, center, right and rear channels. Professional theaters project high-definition film onto an oversized screen whose width is greater than its height, thereby creating a more natural visual experience.

High-quality home theater systems try to recreate these aspects of professional theaters. For instance, the DVD player in a home theater system can separate the audio track into two, three or even five channels. DVD films often have 2.0 Dolby stereo and 5.1 surround-sound options for home theaters. Two speakers can be set up for traditional stereo sound, while a smaller central speaker can provide surround sound. For even better results, one can add a subwoofer for bass sounds and a satellite speaker placed behind the audience for complete surround sound.

A home theater system should also have a big television screen, preferably with a 16:9 wide screen ratio as found in professional theaters. A flat-screen television may be the best option for a typical home theater system.

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