Yamaha YMC – 500bl NeoHD Audio Speaker Bundle – The Power to Control All Your Home Theater Devices

Yamaha is at it again. Harnessing the power of technology, Yamaha has created the YMC-500bl neoHD audio speaker bundle media controller, to allow home theater enthusiast to control each piece of their entertain systems from one central location.

As the center piece of your entertainment system the neoHD YMC-500bl is bound to increase your leisure time experience. With just one remote you can control and manage all your audio / visual components with an easy to use on-screen navigation system.

With the neoHD media controller you can control each audio and visual connected device such as a cable box, Blu-ray disc player, DVD disc player, HDTV, satellite box, game consoles, DVR and VCR all from this one device. You can even contol usb flash drives and ipods that contain music and photos.

Yamaha ymc-500 neoHD audio / visual media controller has the remarkable ability to virtually control any manufacturers audio and video devices. NeoHD delivers a powerful immersive surround sound experience from the built-in amplifiers used to drive your speaker system.

Not only does neoHD media controller offer advanced HD features such as HDMI digital audio / video connectivity but also provides Dolby True HD for High Definition surround sound audio decoding and much much more. Even though the neoHD offers tons of features it is highly intuitive and easy to use by any family member. Yes, you truly can use one remote control to create immersive sound and complete enjoyment.

Choose from simple interfaces like Watch, Listen, or Play to begin your entertainment experience.

All you need are the following to get started with you neoHD media controller:

HDTV, with hdmi connectivity, speakers with which you hold various options as neoHD is a comprehensive 5.1 surround sound system, thus a fine pair of main speakers with a power subwoofer will be enough. Nevertheless a 5.1 surround sound system is notable but every now and then it is not doable for the room where your home theater set up may be situated.

NeoHD system is effortless to set up no matter what home theater system you possess since it is equipped with Yamaha's Air Surround Xtreme sound processing. This advance in technology delivers admirable surround sound delight from only two speakers and a subwoofer. Throughout your surround setup, neoHD will establish how many speakers are setup and automatically configure the most optimized sound in favor of your speaker configuration.

Right at this moment, you have your pick of two neoHD media controllers, neoHD YMC-500, that includes remote IR control, the upper model, neohd YMC-700 provides WiFi for network associated streaming from Rhapsody online music, internet radio and iTunes.

You moreover have the choice to buy a well-rounded system, the neoHD system 2.1 YMC-S21, which is the YMC-500 version that comes with stereo speakers a subwoofer.

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